Art college preparatory

Specialized course for students who aim to go to Art University or Graduate school in Japan. In order to go to Art University in Japan, it requires both your ability to create and perform works of art in specialized technical Japanese.

For Undergraduate applicants, class content will focus more on developing pencil sketch, color composition skills, and short essay writing. Especially for Graduate school applicants, we offer high-level training to help students in creating their portfolios, writing application letters, doing mock interviews, etc. We believe that improving both technical skills and Japanese skills at the same time will increase students' chances of getting into Universities in Japan. Those who go to vocational schools, can also take this class for practical coaching.

What You Will Learn

For 'Graduate School Preparatory' students

  • Create portfolios
  • Writing application letter/ Research Proposal
  • Preparation for essay
  • Mock interview

For 'Undergraduate Preparatory' students

  • Practical coaching (Pencil sketch and color composition, etc)
  • Preparation for essay
  • Mock interview
  • Japanese study
  • Writing application letter

Expected level after completeEligible level to pass Art college

Who Should Attend 

For 'Graduate School Preparatory' students with N1 level:

  •  Those with bachelor degree
  • Those with EJU score above 260


For 'Undergraduate Preparatory'  students with  N2 level:

  • Those with EJU score above 220


Ways to Learn

For 'Graduate School Preparatory'  students,  10-12 months +

  • First 3 months: Japanese lesson 2 hours/ 3 times a week +  Art lesson 3 hours/ Twice a week
  • Next 3 months: Japanese lesson 2 hours/ Twice a week + Art lesson 3 hours/ 3 times a week
For 'Undergraduate Preparatory' students, 10-12 months +
  • Art lesson 3 hours/ 3 times a week


Extra fee required

Art College PreparatoryGraduate School PreparatoryTicket for one lesson. 1 hour

This article was updated on 13 Oct 2021

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