Build Your Own Program (BYOP)

We offer customized private or group lessons for students who prefer studying on their own pace and schedule, or have specific requests or purposes of study.

You Can Choose

  • Study alone (Private lesson);

  • Study in group up to 3 people (Semi-private lesson);
  • Lesson duration of 60 minutes or 90 minutes each.

We recommend taking the 60-minute-lesson 15 times, or the 90-minute-lesson 10 times (total 900 minutes) because this is considered to be the bare minimum for any effect to be seen, regardless of the lesson content.

Advantages of BYOP:

  • Curriculum and assignments are personalized to fit your goals and level.
  • Enhanced interaction with teachers, more than studying with other students in class.
  • Teachers will adapt to your communication style.
  • You can choose to study online or face-to-face.
  • Studying slower or faster is up to you.

Free Counseling and Trial Lesson are available before making decision. 

Tuition Fees:

 One-time application fee*


60/90 minute lesson pack


60 Minute Lesson pack, price per student

 Private lessons, 1 studentPrivate group, 2 studentsPrivate group, 3 students
90 Minute Lesson pack, price per student
 Private lessons, 1 studentPrivate group, 2 studentsPrivate group, 3 students

One-time application fee 10,000, tuition is not refundable once paid.

Study materials will be provided before and between lessons.


This article was updated on 22 Oct 2021

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