Conversation and Job hunting

In the Conversational Course, students will learn practical Japanese knowledge through intensive conversational Japanese practice in class. 

It’s not only about learning to express what you want to convey, but also how to listen and respond in the right way. Japanese intonations, pronunciation correction, and using proper phrases in different situations are also emphasized during class. In the Job Hunting Support course, we not only help students grasp the differences between their countries and Japan, but also prepare them with essential skills before they start job hunting activities. For examples, writing a proper resume in Japanese, interview practice, JLPT N1 preparation, reading articles in Japanese and how to do self-analysis before choosing jobs, etc.

What You Will Learn

  • JLPT N1/ N2 preparation
  • Current Affairs
  • Speech

Additionally for Conversational Course

  • Discussion
  • Pronunciation correction

Additionally for Job Hunting Support

  • Self-analysis
  • Writing personal resume
  • Preparation for interview

Expected level after complete

  • N2 level or above 

Who Should Attend 

  • N3 level or above

Ways to Learn

  • 6 months ~ 12 months daily 4 hours classroom lessons


  • Minna no Nihongo I & II
  • Minna no Nihongo Hyoujun Mondaisyuu I & II
  • Minna no Nihongo Kanji I & II

Paths after Graduation

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This article was updated on 20 Oct 2021

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