The Classes are for students who want to take extra training on EJU Japan and the World/ Mathematics exams after class. Classes are delivered in Japanese by native teachers specializing in each subject.

What You Will Learn

Japan and the World

  • Analyzing past exam’s patterns and practice on getting high scores in limited time duration.


  • In EJU exam, Mathematics II also consists of questions from Mathematics I. Therefore, we recommend students who choose majors relating to Natural Sciences to take Math I for foundational knowledge before learning Math II.  
  • When the exam date approaches, students study Math 1 or Math II separately.

Expected level after complete

  • Eligible level to pass EJU exam 

Who Should Attend 

  • Those who plan to take EJU exam on Japan and the World or Mathematics

Ways to Learn

  • 3 months before the EJU exam date
  • 90 minutes lesson/ Once a week (total 9 times)


  • Shin Nihon Ryugaku Shiken Jissen Mondaisyu Dokkai
  • Shin Ninon Ryugaku Shiken Jissen Mondaisyu Choukai/ Choudokkai

This article was updated on 13 Oct 2021

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