Graduate School preparatory

In order to apply for Graduate school in Japan, you need not only Japanese skills, but also specialized knowledge in your field. Our course’s aim is to provide students with essential skills to prepare for the application whilst acknowledging the differences in Japanese Graduate Schools and those in other countries’. 

Applying for Graduate school requires much effort and time when compared to Undergraduate degree or Vocational school. If you wish to have your own research to be done in Japan, we are here to help!

What You Will Learn

  • Overall guidance on application process for graduate school
  • Writing application letter/ research proposal
  • Preparation for interview
  • Writing emails to professors
  • Translation of application documents
  • Coaching on how to choose suitable graduate school
  • Preparation for a research laboratory visit
  • Preparation for writing essays and past exams

Expected level after complete

  • Eligible level to pass graduate school entrance exam

Who Should Attend 

  • N1 level
  • Those with bachelor degree
  • Those with EJU score above 260

Ways to Learn

  • 6 months ~ 12 months, twice per week 2 hours classroom lessons


  • Nihongo Jokyu Washa heno Michi
  • Japanese for International College / Graduate Students –Composition-
  • Report/ Ronbun wo yokusuru Kakinaoshi Guide

Paths after Graduation

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This article was updated on 20 Oct 2021

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