Please check our price list, all fees in Japanese yen (¥)

For oversea students


1 month2 month3 month6 month12 month
Tuition + textbooks65,000115,000165,000330,000660,000
Medical checkup---10,00010,000
International Student Insurance5,0005,0005,0005,00010,000


1 year 3 month1 year 6 month1 year 9 month2 years
Tuition + textbooks825,000990,0001,155,0001,320,000
Medical checkup10,00010,00010,00010,000
International Student Insurance13,00016,00019,00020,000


  • Application Fee -  for overseas students who apply for a student visa. We check the transparency of all the application documents from applicants in the selection process to meet the stringent criteria of Japanese immigration office. 
  • Entrance Fee - for admission and the use of school facilities. 
  • Excursion Fee - for the annual extra-curricular activity. 
  • International Student Insurance Fee - compensates for the 30% of medical expenses not covered by the National Health Insurance program. Used in combination with the National Health Insurance program, this system enables 100% coverage of medical expenses. Further, since it is a form of travel insurance, it also covers within a certain scope, compensatory expenses, home contents compensation, and the rescue expenses (expenses when a family must visit Japan unexpectedly in the event of a major accident or illness) .

Payment in advance required: in case of short-term programs(1, 2, 3, month) for all period of study. For long-term study, payment for next 6-12 month.

For domestic students
 3 month payment, non-installment6 month payment, non-installment
Entrance fee30,00030,000
Tuition + textbooks165,000330,000  👉 300,000
TOTAL195,000360,000 👉  330,000


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How to calculate total price?

Student Alice: 

  • Alice has no Japanese skill or just a beginner JLPT N5-N4, aiming to study in Japanese University.

  • He\She needs: Basic course (8 months) + University Preparatory Course (9-18 months) = 17 months ~ required to reach JLPT N2 level.

  • Total payment will be 1,100,000 yen ~ OR 770,000 first 12 months + 330,000 next 6 months ~

Student Bob: 

  • Bob is just a beginner, aiming to work in Japan.

  • He\She needs: Basic course (8 months) + Job Hunting Support Course (12 months~) = 20 months ~ required to reach JLPT N2/N1 level.

  • Total payment will be 1,265,000 yen ~ OR 770,000 first 12 months + 330,000 next 6 months + 165,000 yen next 3 months~

Student Carl:

  • Carl has JLPT N2 level, aiming to study in graduate university in art major.

  • He\She needs: University Preparatory Course (9-18months) + Art College Preparatory Class (10-12 months) = 9-18 months. 

  • Total payment will be 1,155,000 yen ~ OR 440,000 yen  first 6 months + 550,000 yen (fee for art class) + 165,000 yen next 3 months ~


This article was updated on 25 Jul 2023

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